Ongoing engagement is key

Unlike traditional music formats where you only earn from one-time sales, with Digital Pressings you benefit each time one of your fans sells to another on the secondary market.

In order to see the real, lasting value of this new format, successful projects continue to drive new fans to their pressings. The deeper narrative and closer connection they provide is the perfect conversion point for an interested fan to become an engaged collector.

Below are our best practices for organically growing that audience;

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Speak to fans

With each sale of a Digital Pressing, you’re forming a powerful bond with one of your fans. Use this increased access to continue adding value to your collectors well beyond the initial point of sale.

Consider the following;

Explore your First Owners list and click through to their social pages. Give them a follow or shoot them a personalised thank you message for collecting, and they’ll remember it forever.

Give your collectors access to an exclusive opportunity like a merch discount, pre-sale tickets to a show or the chance to connect more personally.

Before upcoming releases or even other career milestones, provide fans with early or exclusive access as a small token of your appreciation.

Make connections

Don’t just build connections with your existing fans… there are a wealth of avid collectors and inspiring artists out there looking for exciting new projects.

Show up to Twitter Spaces from other artists, watch how they are utilising web3 technology more broadly, and better yet, become a collector of another artist’s Digital Pressing before launching your own.

To get you started, here’s a list of artists who are actively involved in the Web3 ecosystem:

White Lies




Collect other artists’ work

A great place to start when building your collector community is amongst other musicians releasing Digital Pressings.

Not only do they understand the format, they’re also in tune with your motivations for releasing in this manner, so go out there and collect some fantastic new music.

Not the immediate sell out that you'd hoped for?

No problem! Digital Pressings have long term value, and are a great entry point for new fans looking to support you. Keep your Digital Pressings visible across your socials, and stick a QR code directing to your Serenade profile on your merch desk.

The more collectors, the stronger your community.