We take artist projects from
idea to execution

All you need to do is provide your campaign specifics and we’ll steer you through the rest

Select the Smart Format/s that suit your fanbase

Check out our Smart Formats to get a sense of what items are possible. Place an order and we’ll manufacture the items & ship them to your address.

Create the digital album, EP or single on Serenade

This is the product that will be unlocked by your Smart Formats. Add music when it’s available and as much bonus content as you like. Check out some examples to see what’s possible.

Set your pre order and release date

Start selling during pre-order and ship right away, or wait until the record’s out. Unlike standard formats like vinyl, fans get value before music is released via audio, video and image instant grats. 

Sell! Sell! Sell!

Sell via your website or at a venue and we’ll report to the charts. We record a chart unit when a fan claims the digital product on Serenade, with all pre orders reported on the official release date of the music

Update the music and bonus content whenever you like 

Each time you add more content, your fans will be notified by email. Smart Formats can be as rich or paired back as you like, and can evolve over time – for instance, throughout a tour.